Chiaki Kadota

Chiaki Kadota, Their portrait (Cover LP), Acrylic on LP cover,
31,5 x 31,5 cm, 2021

After working as an illustrator in the apparel industry, Kadota started pursuing her art practice only recently, in 2021. Her painterly practice is driven by the interest in the movements of the mind and in particular, the personality and introspection. Focusing on the inner words and emotions that are emitted, both the luminescence of the mind and the luster and decay of life, she is interested in capturing the effects of these non-tangible factors on the appearance of human beings and nature. Continuously feeding on her urge to paint, Kadota’s practice includes work on paper, cardboard, canvas, but also record sleeves, clothing, and found objects. Through such extensive practice, she is pursuing the idea to pictorially express the impression of the moment I captured as their portrait.

Chiaki Kadota was born in Hokkaido, Japan where she currently lives and works.