Frank Jimin Hopp

Frank Jimin Hopp, Eros LV One, Glazed Ceramic, 35 × 30 × 37 cm, 2021

Frank Jimin Hopp is a German-Korean artist whose practice depicts elements from literature, mythology, or art history, often in combination with current political events or everyday observations. Transforming these influences into something poetic is an important motivation for his work in which the focus is on the human being, sometimes strongly exaggerated, sometimes carefully sketched.

In his sculptures, the opposites meet as he combines the profanity of everyday consumer objects with poetic metaphors from mythology and current events. Colourful and inviting at first glance, the sculptures reveal abysses on closer inspection that seem to prophesy a dystopian world shaped by climate change. The shiny, almost fetishised sneaker turns out to be a legacy of deep-seated problems. The everyday object of daily use, which almost symbolises man as a being alienated from nature, becomes a meaningful image carrier of mythical narratives of human failure. Sometimes gently, sometimes crudely, Jimin Hopp sketches in his works our relationship to nature, which is characterised by exploitation, destruction and claims of ownership.

Jimin Hopp studied fine arts in the class of Prof. Valérie Favre and Prof. Leiko Ikemura at the UdK Berlin and at the University Of Arts London as well as political science at the FU Berlin. He currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany,