Javier Ruiz Perez

Javier Ruiz Perez
Vida plácida, protégenos de todo mal III
Oil on canvas
190 x 220 cm / 74,8 x 86,6 inch

Javier Ruiz Perez (La Carolina, Jaén, Spain, 1989)’ pantings are collage-like compositions consisting of visual footage collected from social media and the
internet. The depicted subjects are always living figures, a group of people or single individuals, against a background of andalusian landscapes.
The medium employed is oil paint on canvas and paper, applied quickly, wet on wet, a technique that confers a sense of urgency and immediacy to the works.
This intuitive conviction that appears to guide Perez’s making process stems from the nature of his subject matter: the obvious of the real. His paintings always
manage to deliver an uncanny balance between credibility and oddity, resulting in depictions that are incomprehensible, yet plausible.

Javier Ruiz Perez (Jaén, 1989) graduated from the Escuela de arte 10 in Madrid and the Pasadena Art Center in Los Angeles in 2013.
His work is part of important private and museum collections including Museum Voorlinden , NL and MEAM (museum of European Art Barcelona), ES.
Ruiz Perez lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-Text by Sara van Bussel