Joseph Noderer

Joseph Noderer, Moraine, oil on canvas, 27,9 x 27,9 cm, 2021

Noderer’s practice revolves around the expressive landscape paintings in which he externalizes all of the different influences that tint the way he sees the world. Taking the most immediate surroundings as an inspiration, both inside of his apartment and the surrounding neighborhood, he is dedicated to paintings motifs that he feels he knows about or has an important experience with. Such a personally compelling relationship then informs the poignant way of portraying these places and subjects, as well as his melancholic, forest-like color palette. With strong links to various histories of painting, these ethereal sceneries are becoming windows through which the traditional American culture is reflected. With an emphasis on the suburban or rural environment around him and the interaction of natural and man-made, Noderer is capturing the decay, life cycle, and overall transitional nature of things.

Joseph Noderer was born in Pittsburgh, PA where he’s currently living and working after receiving his BFA from Tyler School of Art and MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.