Giuseppe Buzzotta

Giuseppe Buzzotta
AMNIOS, 2021
Oil on linen
205 x 180 cm

Buzzotta’s paintings are born from the desire to translate the ephemeral into solid pictorial surfaces. The fragile line between what is and what is going to/can be is the main departing point of the artist, who attempts to capture the pivotal shifting moment of transformation processes.

Buzzotta’s working process starts with an initial drawing phase that range from sketches on paper to watercolours, all drawn from life or from memory. Afterwords, the drawings are transposed to the tablet and partially re-drawn with pen and digital paint, often overlaid with details of photographs. The final stage is the employement of oil paint on linen, prepared with an old recipe primer, Bologna chalk, animal or synthetic glue and water.

The works showcase things that are about to evaporate, together with elements that change from solid to liquid, natural structures that under the influence of external forces redesign space, like branches moved by the wind, stones that roll, or water that fills a puddle. Nature meets also cultural inspirations, that, rooted in the history of human thought, provoked a state of transition: the birth of the poem moved by trauma, or classical myths that were able to break over monotheistic rhetoric.

Fractured and assembled in different shapes and tones, the immortalisation of change is the focal point of Buzzotta’s practice, the red thread throughout the history of the world as we know it.

Giuseppe Buzzotta was born in Palermo (IT), in 1983, where he currently lives and works.

After graduating in painting in 2008 at the Fine Art academy of Palermo Buzzotta pursued different curatorial projects; in 2008 he founded and directed the research space L’A PROJECT, with the aim of providing an experimental centre for local and international contemporary art in Palermo.

Parallel to the development of his artistic projects since 2017 he teaches Painting and anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Syracuse.

His work has been exhibited in different international venues and features in private and public collections such as Collezione Privata Musumeci Greco (Rome), Fondazione per l’Arte (Rome) Collezione Museo Riso, museo d’arte contemporanea della Sicilia (Palermo) and Collezione Brusarosco (Milan).

-Text by Sara van Bussel