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(Aerial view of the human freedom)


Curated by Gabriel Rolt
08 MAY –  10 JUNE 

Opening reception: Sunday 08 May, 17 – 21 hrs

The Curators Room Oosterpark / Atelier Artplaats 
Mauritskade 55C, 1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherland
Open: Friday – Sunday, 13 to 17 hrs




(Curated by Gabriel Rolt)

06 April – 21 May 2022

Opening reception: 06 April, 18 – 21 hrs

The Curators Room  –  La Oficina Barcelona
Carrer de Trafalgar 45, 08010 Barcelona


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(Curated by Gabriel Rolt) 

5 March – 24 April 2021

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Rae Klein, Nik Christensen, Nahaniel Bolarinwa, Andrew Kayser, Javier Ruiz, Sara Bonache, Juan Narowé, Marc Badia and Jose Bonell



Prinsengracht 675, 1017 JT Amsterdam. The Netherlands | | +31(0) 625005374


Thursday – Saturday 
13 – 17 hrs or by appointment 

Rae Klein, Can’t Help Myself , Oil on linen, 30,5 x 35,6 cm, 2022
Rae Klein is best known for her oil paintings. A principle theme in her work is tense, off situations. Through painting, she explores where the line is when events cross from in, to out of one’s control. Subtle emotions from the realization that one is becoming powerless translate into visual detail.She graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Painting from Eastern Michigan University. She continues to paint and live in Michigan.
Nik Christensen, Float Around With the Ghost Until You Hear the Echo, Acrylics and Sumi ink on Duck canvas, 50 x 40 cm, 2021
After working almost exclusively with Sumi ink on paper for over a decade, Christensen was keen on switching things but didn’t want to lose the part where part of the process is beyond his control. Eventually, he developed a technique through which the canvas surface responds to acrylic and inks in the similar way that paper absorbs and influences the shapes and intensity of the ink and stepped away from often landscape-based representational images towards abstracted figure-based compositions

With this new approach Nik Christensen is combining various types of brushwork alongside a pretty uncommon way of using the airbrush. Appearing somewhat more exact and calculated than his previous inks on paper, there is still a lot of freedom and elements of surprise in the new way his new works are constructed. Leaving the marks of the process visible and contrasting the rigid patterns against loose lines and fundamentally unfinished sections, he is creating a sense of dynamics and movement similar to the ones seen in manga cartoons. Working with references from Ukiyo prints as well as traditional Japanese theatre, Kabuki, he is deconstructing the original elements and reassembling them into evocative amalgamations of forms, patterns, strokes, marks, and much-appreciated technical or chemical accidents- Text by Sasha Bogojev
Nathaniel Bolarinwa, Bad man on Dior, Acrylics on canvas, 91 x 61 cm, 2022Nathaniel Bolarinwa(born in 1998 in the city of Lagos, Nigeria )Nathaniel’s Work is an embodiment of botanical surrealism through which he communicates a metaphorical concept of reincarnation of the soul and afterlife, represented in human gestures of both gender which features the bark of tree, trunk, leaves and a bulge eyes. His works are majorly adorned by a beautifully dressed figures in vibrant colorsUpon finishing his national diploma in general art, Nathaniel then proceeded to the universal studios of Art where he was trained under the mentorship of prominent Nigerian Artists. Nathaniel Bolarinwa as exhibited in the Nu-African art exhibition curated by the TAAG gallery NY explored on ARTSY alongside with other African artists oct 2021.
Andrew Kayser, Daydreaming, Oil on canvas, 110 x 140 cm, 2022
Andrew KayserUsing oil paint as the primary medium and the suburban landscape as a departure point, the paintings suggest a collision of inner and outer realities, an impression that meaning is fleeting and intimately personal.By focussing on themes of doubt, ambiguity, and contradiction, all interpretations are welcome, necessary, to create an almost cinematic suspense, an awareness that something is about to happen, or has just happened.In acknowledging that the world is not something to be known and understood, but rather to be seen and queried, the artist strives to create works that are poignant, melancholic, and beautiful.Andrew Kayser (b. 1975, South Africa) is a contemporary artist living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. He graduated from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Art), Den Haag, Netherlands in 2001.
Javier RuizSe volvió a hacer de noche mientras dormíamos II, Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, 2021Javier Ruiz Perez (La Carolina, Jaén, Spain, 1989)’ paintings are collage-like compositions consisting of visual footage collected from social media and the internet. The depicted subjects are always living figures, a group of people or single individuals, against a background of Andalusian landscapes.
The medium employed is oil paint on canvas and paper, applied quickly, wet on wet, a technique that confers a sense of urgency and immediacy to the works.
This intuitive conviction that appears to guide Perez’s making process stems from the nature of his subject matter: the obvious of the real. His paintings always
manage to deliver an uncanny balance between credibility and oddity, resulting in depictions that are incomprehensible, yet plausible.Javier Ruiz Perez (Jaén, 1989) graduated from the Escuela de arte 10 in Madrid and the Pasadena Art Center in Los Angeles in 2013. His work is part of important private and museum collections including Museum Voorlinden , NL and MEAM (museum of European Art Barcelona), ES.
Ruiz Perez lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sara Bonache, Untitled, Pastel on paper, 61 x 46 cm, 2021SARA BONACHE
(Barcelona, Spain)Bonache’s practice explores the relationship between the human body and nature by dissolving the boundaries between these two iconographies, seeking new forms through metamorphosis and metaphor. Known and unknown shapes intertwine, constantly playing with each other and subverting existing meanings. At this exchange, one image hides another.The body and the care, the spiritual and the earthly. Hallucinatory or magical plants, where the limit of the form is diluted to give way to analogy. Medicine and magic transmute in a chimeric and scientific imagery at the same time, as a way to explore our relationship to the natural world, our bodies and their life cycles.Recent works explore the natural world in different ways. Bonache’s interest lies in the relationship between plants, magical thinking, herbalism, body and rituals. Particularly, rituals an knowledge associated with women, in order to find new ways to represent the plant world and mits possibilities of transformation and metamorphosis.Sara Bonache employs techniques such as drawing, painting and textile to reflect on its current use as a way to create new images linked to experience. On the other hand, her work represents the lushness of nature and its transformation through shape, color and materials. Interior and exterior, illusion and reality converge in a single space where pastel technique brings her closer to the sensory and tactile aspects of the materials
Juan NarowéLa duda, Acrylic on canvas 270 x 210 cm, 2021Juan NarowéInspired by different artistic disciplines, from literature to cinema, Juan Narowé works across different media in ever changing paintings that oscillate between old and new. Often adding or erasing layers to his works, taking already existing fragments and modifying them, Narowé creates material palimpsests: the trace encounters the new, in an interplay of timeframes. The formal language of the works is simple, almost childish, pure in intention and style. The naivity of the subjects, portrayed while walking or simply sitting, is sweet: there is a sense of intimacy to the protagonists, as if the artists is able to enter their private thoughts and dreams and deliver them onto linen or paper. 

The density of the paint and the thickness of the line make the contrast surface-drawing even stronger, enforcing this sense of closeness between the viewer and the subject matter.

Juan Narowé (Brazil, 1993) is an artist based in Barcelona. His work ranges from drawing and painting to graphic art, digital art, books and other media.
Marc BadiaCongratulations asshole II, oil on linen, 92 x 73 cm, 2021MARC BADIA
Marc Badia (Barcelona, Spain) takes as a starting point the connections established between the history of traditional painting and contemporary aesthetics and then transfers them to the decoding of the current image. By means of a manifest dysfunction very much directed at the language of the internet (memes, gifs, etc.), his works promote the absurd as a system of social criticism and, at the same time, as a personal refuge from which to approach his practice.
Jose Bonell, Liège – Rheinpfalz, Oil and spray on canvas, 180 x 210 cm, 2021JOSE BONELLBarcelona, 1989
Bonell’s paintings are stories never told, imaginary tales of absurd or fantastic nature that delve into the possibility of the ‘what if’.
True mise-en-scène, the depicted scenes suggest literary references, distant memories or occurrences that take place within a common environment such as organized interiors or specific landscapes. Actual tableaux vivants, absurd scenes develop in front of our eyes, featuring common objects and characters that bypass the apparent non-sense and delve into the realm of the possibility: some doors are looking for their respective keys to open itself, some gym benches are howling at the moon like wolfs, or sometimes, they try to imagine what Mae West’s living room might have looked like or the exact moment when Cinderella is called by the fairy to go to the party. In his paintings, Bonell takes the role of the storyteller, the narrator that without having the certainty of where the brush will take him navigates between the narrative and the humorous, the fantastic and the ordinary, reflection and anecdote.


Lucas Lenglet, untitled (squatting)_brown, 2022, Found bed, aluminium powder coated frame
1905 x 925 x 120 mm, Unique


26 March – 24 April 2022

Opening reception: 26 March, 16 -20 hrs

The Curators Room Oosterpark / Atelier Artplaats 
Mauritskade 55C, 1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Curators Room is proud to announce FULL STOP, a solo show by Lucas Lenglet in collaboration with Stigter van Doesburg and Atelier Artplaats.


Until 6 March


Installation views

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The Curators Room Oosterpark / Atelier Artplaats 
Mauritskade 55C, 1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Thursday – Saturday, 13 – 18 hrs
(And by appointment)

The Curators Room is proud to announce SATISFACTORY, a solo show by Paul du Bois-Reymond curated by Gabriel Rolt.

Paul du Bois-Reymond’s paintings are landscapes of surreal pleasure. Always departing from a digital source, being it found footage on the internet or snippets of iPhone pictures, the paintings translate bidimensional images into tridimensional environments, populated by artificial objects. Often associated with the luxury world, the depicted items are transposed from the digital to the physical through oil pastel and paint; flat images become objects again, only this time twisted, enhanced, elevated into something different. 

The representational transition of the objects from digital surface to pictorial matter seems to alter their entity: the black glazed ceramic of a simple ashtray suddenly appears oddly attractive; round and lushy pearls of piercing brightness capture the eye, floating around in an expansive world made of marble, where symbols of luxury triumph in their allure: Majestic, unreachable.

Cold objects move in a surreal landscape, distant in their perfection, yet sometimes strangely familiar. Flashes of intimacy, fragments of the artist’s personal life appear in this setting too: a corner of his house, a picture of a familiar place. And then, juxtaposed to this scenery, the fleshy pink of a lipstick becomes all of a sudden satisfying to look at, the object itself incredibly desirable: you want to touch it, own it. Expensive ordinary objects are celebrated here, their status as symbols of consumerism now glorified, in a process of sharp, almost pop arrogance that questions their blatant appeal: Why are these objects so attractive? why do we desire them? does their exclusiveness influence their beauty?

By deconstructing snippets of reality and reconstructing them onto the canvas in a neo-cubistic manner, du Bois-Reymond prompts us to re-think the relationship digital/ physical,

transforming flat images into palpable objects: enhancing their formal quality with the thickness of the oil pastel increases their allure, their creamy surface and exaggerated colors suddenly sensual, inviting. 

The ironic look at these surreal symbols of contemporary desire are framed by the artist in an intelligent manner, in an attempt to disclose hidden mechanisms of our aesthetics in the most transparent way possible: through pleasure.

Paul du Bois-Reymond (Amsterdam / Berlin) is an artist, musician and designer who lives and works in Amsterdam.

He studied at the Rietveld Academy of the arts (1992-1996) and was co-founder of the infamous DEPT, later Machine design collectives. In 2018 he co-founded the Amsterdam based band OWN.

Recent (solo) exhibitions include: het HEM, Zaandam, Shallow Then Halo, The Curators Room,  YWGWYW with The Curators Room; Droste Gallery, Germany ; Kunsthaus Betanien, Germany,  Gabriel Rolt Gallery, The Netherlands  and Unruly Gallery, The Netherlands.

-Text by Sara van Bussel

The Curators Room Oosterpark is a cooperation between Atelier Artplaats and The Curators Room located at the Mauritskade 55C in Amsterdam.

About Atelier Artplaats:

Atelier Artplaats is a young Amsterdam art platform with a focus on the stories behind artworks and their creators. Since 2021 Atelier Artplaats has a temporary exhibition space located in Amsterdam East, where the space is also offered to other creatives and initiatives. Soon the webshop will go online, where you can find quality art with context and real stories.

About The Curators Room

The Curators Room is a living, breathing ecosystem. Continuously developing and moulding into something new – each exhibition, each performance, each space, online and offline. Committed to encourage conversations, challenging and questioning the boundaries of art, visioning the art world-to-come. A constantly evolving community with many different voices. Inter-generational, cross-disciplinary. Where artists, curators, thinkers, art lovers and collectors act and grow together.

PAUL DU BOIS-REYMOND, Der Nachtisch, Oil pastels and oil on canvas, 200 x 300 cm, 2022
PAUL DU BOIS-REYMOND, Avatar, Oil pastels and oil on canvas, 150  x 100 cm, 2021
PAUL DU BOIS-REYMOND, Journal of a lost tribe, Oil pastels and oil on canvas, 160 x 200 cm, 2021
PAUL DU BOIS-REYMOND, Based on a true story, Oil pastels and oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm, 2022
PAUL DU BOIS-REYMOND, Satisfactory, Oil pastels and oil on canvas, 200 x 320 cm (diptych), 2021


Past Exhibitions

(Curated by Sasha Bogojev for The Curators Room) 

Until 19 February 2022



Grgur Akrap, Zac Yeates, Anna Jung Seo, Chiaki Kadota, Donglai Meng, Joseph Noderer, Eskubi Joseba, Erkut Terliksiz, Stijn Bastianen, Harry Rothel, Adam Štech, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Yonel Watene, and Frank Jimin Hopp.


Installation views

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Needles in the Hay at Juxtapozz

Needles in the Hay at Artplugged

Needles in the Hay at Supersonic Art



Prinsengracht 675, 1017 JT Amsterdam. The Netherlands | | +31(0) 625005374


Thursday – Saturday 
13 – 17 hrs or by appointment 


The Curators Room is proud to Announce Needles in the Hay, a group show curated by Sasha Bogojev.

One of the things we’ve become more aware of in the past two years of the global pandemic is the unforgiving power of odds. No matter how small and insignificant a certain probability might be, recent times taught us that its mere existence is predestined to make an impact on the elements connected to it. And it’s this concept of chances and the related idea of risk and hope, as well as the general sense of liability, that prompted Sasha Bogojev to put together an exhibition where numbers work to our advantage.

As much as social media, namely Instagram, might have contributed to the democratization of the art world and have provided a historically unseen platform to creatives to introduce their work, the abundance of content makes this experience increasingly harder. With the growing interference and influence of both genuine and wannabe art advisors, collectors, curators, galleries, foundations, or institutions, the haystack we’re working through is becoming exponentially more convoluted and deceiving. And while this situation can be difficult for art aficionados and collectors, it can certainly turn frustrating for the artists themselves.

Overlooked by the almighty tastemakers or generally misrepresented, they are still out there, in the shadow of the mesmerizing spotlight of art trends, making the work that deserves more attention than it might be currently getting. And with this show, Sasha Bogojev and Gabriel Rolt from Amsterdam’s The Curators Room are doing their part to make the difference, find these gems hidden in plain sight and present their works in a large two-floor, multi-room space in the historic center of Amsterdam.

With an extensive overview of numerous studio practices and the positioning of people working there, Juxtapoz magazine’s contributing editor eye-picked a selection of international artists whose works deserve their own time in the spotlight. Whether looking at the general concepts of their practice, the particularities of their process, or their ways of handling and utilizing the chosen techniques or mediums, Needles in the Hay are having an important role in the ongoing development and conversation about figurative art, and especially painting. Frequently focusing on the atmosphere suggested by chosen colors and the sense of dynamics or movement conveyed through the often fluid yet determined paint manipulation, the work is having its footing in historic timeline with references to Surrealism, Cubism, Fauvism, Surrealism, as well as outsiders art, illustration, and abstraction. Hailing from all over the world, from New Zealand, over Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, to the USA, and across Europe and the UK, the exhibition is meant to provide a focused digest of exciting practices taking place at (mostly painters’) studios at the present time.

The exhibition will be including a selection of works by Grgur Akrap, Zac Yeates, Anna Jung Seo, Chiaki Kadota, Donglai Meng, Joseph Noderer, Eskubi Joseba, Erkut Terliksiz, Stijn Bastianen, Harry Rothel, Adam Štech, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Yonel Watene, and Frank Jimin Hopp.

  • Text by Sasha Bogojev
Adam Štech, Woman with Leek , Oil on canvas, 160 x 120 cm, 2021
Erkut Terliksiz, Since i met you, i no longer feel normal, Acrylic on canvas,
175 x 220 cm, 2021 (diptych)
Anna Jung Seo, Whisper from Dream, Oil on canvas, 34 x 21 x 2cm, 2020
Frank Jimin Hopp, Eros LV One, Glazed Ceramic, 35 × 30 × 37 cm, 2021
Grgur Akrap, False prophet, Oil and encaustic on canvas, 153 x 108 cm, 2021
Stijn BastianenGo Away, Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, 2021
Yonel WateneWinnie After Vincent, Oil on denim, 70 x 60 cm, 2020
Joseba Eskubi, Untitled, oil on paper, 40 x 30 cm, 2021



(Curated by Gabriel Rolt) 

Until 04 December 2021


Prinsengracht 675, 1017 JT Amsterdam. The Netherlands | | +31(0) 625005374


Thursday – Saturday 

13 – 18 hrs or by appointment 


Daniëlle van Ark (NL), Adam Broomberg and Isaac Schaal (SA), Paul du Bois-Reymond (NL/DE), Daria Birang (US/NL), Giuseppe Buzzotta (IT), Jake and Dinos Chapman (UK), Nik Christensen (NL/UK), Aukje Dekker (NL). Bas Geerts (NL), Martin Kanja (KEN) , Eduardo Millan (ES), Andrea Orejarena (CO), Lisette Ros (NL), Javier Ruiz Perez (ES), Caleb Stein (UK/US), Shoe (NL) , Freddy Tratlehner (NL) and Vincent van de Waal (NL) 

*  Special guests: Joseph Abraham Doneus  (Surinam, c. 1825 – after 1878) and

   Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Spain, 1764-1828)

–> Click HERE for the Shallow Then Halo website